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I just got my custom Stainless 80 Series Gold Cup back from John Lawson and will post and 'show and tell' later. I sent a Videcki trigger (because I had one) and got a Dlask along with ALL the bells and whistles on this signed piece. I gave John his free reign on many issues such as sight picture ect. I only put 200 rounds thru it in the hours after unpacking BUT no malfs everything is slicker than snot and ticks like a OLD SCHOOL 1911 should. The Dlask trigger IS VERY COMFORTABLE and John's 3.5 trigger pull (as requested) is the most iciclish I've ever experienced. I shot 3" unrested at 25yds adjusting the Wilson sights(his settings were close) with Win white box ball with most of the groups haveing 3-5 touching out of 7 rounds. His ejection pattern of the Wilson Bullet proof extractor is the best I've experienced on a .45! He coverted gun (above his objections) to 70 series tool steel fire control parts and I will go on and on later. I wanted to get this old 1911 master to grind me one good un. I am having him rub the innard of two old 1911's also.
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